Thu, 05 Mar 2020

Young people on the Dallaglio RugbyWorks programme in the West Midlands were given a unique opportunity to support Hogarths Hotel Group in Solihull, as part of a Career Taster Day held during National Careers Week.

Hogarths welcomed young people from The Edge Academy in Northfield, Birmingham for a unique work experience opportunity where assisted with the Graduation lunch of team members from both Hogarths Solihull and Hogarths Stone Manor that have been involved with professional development programmes, apprenticeships, and qualifications.

The day, also supported by BNP Paribas Personal Finance, began with a tour of the hotel for the young people from The Edge, where they were given an insight into how the hotel is run and what is required to ensure the smooth operation of services for guests.

The young people were then assigned duties for the Graduation lunch as they assisted with the preparation of the event. After preparations were complete, the group of young people were then involved front of house as they helped serve food and drinks to the guests during the event, including Helena Hogarth and the Mayor of Solihull.

After the conclusion of their duties, the young people finished their tour of the hotel followed by a Q&A session focusing on career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Tom Painter, Employability Manager at Dallaglio RugbyWorks, said: “It was a fantastic day at Hogarths Hotels and we cannot thank them enough for providing this opportunity for the young people on our programme.

“With the support of regional partners BNP Paribas Personal Finance, we were able to offer this unique experience and give our young people an understanding of the skillsets required to work in the hospitality industry.

“We host these Career Taster Days to give young people the experiences they need to make informed decisions about their futures.”

Robert Elliot, Director of Sales at Hogarths Hotels and the President of the Solihull Chamber of Commerce, said: “Hogarths Hotels believe in developing their team and making opportunities available for young people to experience the world of hospitality. The Edge Academy students were fantastic, and they rose to the challenges that were set, tasks assigned and this meant that a fantastic event was delivered. I was very proud of everyone involved and I cannot thank RugbyWorks enough for their support.”

Jayne Licari, Head of Brand and External Communications at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, said: “As the founding partner of Dallaglio RugbyWorks in the West Midlands our ambition was to collaborate with other local businesses so we can help more teenagers get the opportunities they deserve. Career Taster Days are a fantastic way to inspire students about the world of work and with thanks to the team at Hogarths in Solihull the event was a great success. We look forward to working with more organisations to make an ever bigger positive impact.”