Tue, 10 Dec 2019

Through our link with Arval, we’ve been able to work with their partners to identify opportunities for Dallaglio RugbyWorks sessions.

Last week we went along to a Career Taster Day hosted by two of Arval’s partners, with Peter Wood, key account manager at Michelin, and Heidi Slee, HR advisor at ATS Euromaster, at Michelin’s purpose-built training centre in Stoke.

These Career Taster Days aim to give young people an insight into the world of work, as well as hope for the future, and are just one part of the amazing work that Dallaglio RugbyWorks does to support and guide disengaged young people across England and Wales towards a better future.

For this particular taster day, a group of students from St Paul’s school in Birmingham were joined by coaches from Dallaglio RugbyWorks, Craig Andrews (head of technical operations at Arval) and Jayne Licari (head of brand & external communications at BNP Paribas Personal Finance) who all got stuck in with the range of activities led by Michelin and Euromaster.

The day involved a combination of class-based and practical learning, with the students finding out interesting facts about the company before getting hands-on with physical activities. A real highlight of the day for the students was learning how to change a tyre, which allowed them to put into practice what they’d been taught and gave them all a great sense of achievement.

Peter Wood, key account manager at Michelin, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome students from the RugbyWorks programme to our purpose-built training centre, and it was great to see how their confidence grew throughout the day.

Last month marked the one-year anniversary of our partnership with Dallaglio RugbyWorks. During this time, we’ve worked with a variety of companies to offer young people a taste of the workplace and help show them what they can achieve.

As a group, we’ve hosted Career Taster Days in partnership with both our Personal Finance and Real Estate divisions, and now that we’ve welcomed Arval into the BNP Paribas family were very excited to collaborate with their partners Michelin and ATS Tyres.

These taster days have proven to be highly effective, and research by the charity has shown that young people who participate in four or more days like these are 86% less likely to be NEET (not in education, employment or training).

The stats prove just how important these days are, and we hope that over the next year even more companies will pledge to take part, so that we can continue to provide experiences like this and help make a real difference to young people’s lives across the West Midlands.

For more information on how your company can get involved in hosting a career taster day, contact Tom Painter, Employability Manager at Dallaglio RugbyWorks, through tom@dallagliorugbyworks.com