Thu, 18 Jul 2019

Please be aware that a potential fraud issue has been brought to our attention. Two clone entities, calling themselves ‘Austin Finance’ and 'Marc Finance Ltd', have been issuing marketing materials and cold calling members of the public offering investment opportunities.

Please note that whilst there is an ‘Austin Finance’ entity, and a 'Marc Finance Ltd' entity, which each form part of the BNP Paribas Group, these entities:

  • Have no employees,
  • Do not conduct business with clients,
  • Do not offer investment opportunities,
  • Have no connection to these fraudulent marketing materials or investments.

Please do not interact in any way with any party that claims to represent ‘Austin Finance’ or 'Marc Finance Ltd'.

BNP Paribas has alerted the relevant authorities and law enforcement agencies of this matter. For more information, please refer to this notice issued by the FCA on clone firms.

Please email at BNP Paribas if you have any concerns relating to this matter.