Tue, 14 Mar 2023

As a Top Employer, we’re proud of our commitment to create a better world of work. This week, we’re empowering colleagues to unlock their potential through our Career Days workshops at our Solihull and Belfast offices.

The workshops are both virtual and in-person, and have been designed to provide colleagues with the opportunity to learn more about the diverse career paths available within the company.

Before delving into what we can expect across the week, Head of Talent, Development and D&I, Vicky Docker, talks us through the importance of Career Days at BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK.

Helping colleagues increase their visibility and realise their ambitions

Career progression is important at BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK. As a global company, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our teams, which is why we have a comprehensive career framework — MyCareer — in place. The framework highlights the different job bands and various pathways colleagues can explore across the business and, last year, 50 of our colleagues were promoted and 10 colleagues benefitted from secondments within different functional areas.

Vicky explained: “The teams at BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK are central to our high performance so, as a Top Employer, we’re hosting Career Days to help our people achieve their potential, performance and passion.

“According to the Pie Model, for people to be successful, they need to have the following three things: performance, image and exposure, with exposure being the biggest factor for building success. Using this, we asked ourselves in the HR department at BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK: how can we encourage colleagues to raise their exposure and visibility within the company beyond the career framework? And that explains the purpose of Career Days — to increase the exposure of colleagues across the company and unearth their skills.”

First-class example: Evie Dartnell

Evie joined BNP Paribas Personal Finance in 2017 as a contact centre agent. While working in the call centre, Evie supported the training department with various tasks and, after increasing her exposure in the department through her overt passion, landed a permanent role as Operations Trainer.

Now, Evie is undertaking a six-month secondment in the learning and development team to learn new skills and develop her interests.

Evie stated: “It’s great working for a company that invests in its people by providing endless career opportunities and flexibility. Attaining new skills is valuable in helping people fuel their careers, and I am thoroughly enjoying learning more about learning and development by playing a key role in the organisation of Career Days.”

Career Days (13th-17th March)

Prior to Career Days week, we asked our colleagues: what areas of the business are you interested in, what would you like to learn more about and what would you find most beneficial from the week?

Using their responses, we’ve created nine workshops and outlined three of the most popular requests.

1. What’s my next step?

Head of Talent, Development and D&I, Vicky Docker, will be running this session to support colleagues plan their next steps in their career.

To do this, Vicky will be encouraging colleagues to analyse where they are now and think about where they want to be — with the session providing tips on the best chances to get there.

2. Planning your career pathway

Our Chief Operating Officer, Claire Moore, is hosting this session and will discuss the importance of planning your career, with a particular focus on planning your next two career moves.

3. Recruitment talk

The purpose of this interactive session is to allow colleagues to meet our recruitment team and learn about the corporate roles they are hiring for and the skills they need for a successful application. This will be achieved by collaboratively breaking down the barriers of job descriptions to make the skills needed clear.

Stay tuned for our Career Days week via our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Are you interested in joining our team and working for a Top Employer? We’re hiring! Explore our latest career opportunities at our Solihull and Belfast offices here.