Wed, 13 May 2020

Over the past couple of months, both our colleagues and our customers have had to adapt to a new “normal” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We sat down with our Chief Operations Officer, Claire Moore, to discuss how the business has found new ways of working that allow our colleagues to remain ‘customer obsessed’ whilst working remotely.  

Adapting to the new “normal”

In these unprecedented times, customer needs have changed dramatically – caused in part by the financial strain and general unease that COVID-19 has brought.

To meet this increased level of demand on our customer facing teams in particular, many of our colleagues have adapted by upskilling and retraining within their roles.

Claire explains: “We pride ourselves on being customer obsessed, and in order to best serve our customers we had to start by looking at what they needed from us.

“Once we had determined this, the next step for us was empowering the front line – and with all of our colleagues adjusting to remote working, it was important for us to think about how we could make it easier for our teams to help our customers.

“In response to this, we’ve seen the entire business come together, with many of our colleagues rallying around our front-line teams and offering their skills to support them through this busy period.”

As well as ensuring everyone is equipped to meet the changing demands on the business, maintaining connections between colleagues has also been vital in keeping the teams motivated.

Claire comments: “Although every single one of us is going through this at the same time, we will all react to the experience differently.

“As well as providing extra support for those who need it through our mental health first aider programme, we’ve also been making great use of technology – with team activities and daily challenges via video call providing light-hearted relief in an emotionally challenging time.”

This has given people the chance to support each other and be open about how they’re coping, as well as creating an opportunity to celebrate positive achievements.

This openness and sense of community is something that Claire is keen to hold on to when the time comes to move back to office working.

She explains: “The resilience shown by all of our colleagues across the business is a true reflection of BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK’s values, and we’re so proud of the way our way in which everyone has come together and adapted to continue providing the best possible service to our customers in this challenging time.”