We’ve diverse teams, yet all working towards a common goal. Our vision is to be a force for positive change and that means we’re always looking for ways we can improve things for our customers, partners and colleagues. We encourage our colleagues to challenge the norm and have a positive attitude to make things happen, always leaving things in a better place than where we found them.


Our values support our company vision of being a force for positive change and shape our culture. They are guiding principles that unite us and help us conduct our business, staying true to our beliefs. We’re positive – we focus on solutions rather than the problem. We’re brave – we’re resilient and have the confidence to do what’s right. And we own it – we take real responsibility and pride in our work and take opportunities to develop ourselves and our teams.


At BNP Paribas Personal Finance, we’re all about finding the right match. It’s not just about finding the right skills for the job; it’s about making sure the role and company culture are right for you. Skills can often be learnt and we place a lot of value on people having the right mind-set. That’s why we look for people with a proactive attitude who can understand and adapt and thrive on change and making a positive impact.

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